I am not opposed to government having a very important role, but it has gone too far.

Tax Minimization Strategies

Proactive Profitability

Corporations and their Shareholders are subject to tax throughout the lifecycle of an enterprise. As a company moves beyond the survival phase and into profitability, there are taxes both on active business and on the company’s savings. If not handled correctly, a business can walk itself into higher taxes than what were already expected.

  • Protect access to preferential tax rates

Taxation on Shareholder Death

While it is possible to face the peril of double taxation (73%) it is more likely that an entrepreneur can face a tax bill of 40-45% if planning is inadequate or not done. Through a consultative and multi-staged approach, including working with an entrepreneur’s advisory group, tax upon death can be reduced to far more tolerable levels (12-15%) and in certain instances 0%. It’s a process of peeling back layers of the onion to create the solution.

  • Helping to resolve shareholder debt issues

Corporate sale, expansion & succession

Businesses preparing to sell, to expand or to transition to the next generation need to integrate both legal and accounting in a tax planning strategy.

  • The ability to work with accountants and lawyers and help foster cooperation in corporate reorganizations is a hallmark of what I do. I can speak both to accounting and legal issues.
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Strategic Philanthropy

Entrepreneurs and professionals have to decide how much of their life’s work they would like to surrender to government. While I can’t make your children your primary creditor instead of the government, I can make your charitable causes the primary creditor through strategic philanthropy. Planned and strategic giving is a critical part of a tax reduction strategy while living – and also about leaving a powerful, altruistic legacy of support to the causes that mean the most to you.

Insurance Planning

A comprehensive review of current coverage is a critical foundation for future planning. Understanding not just the how, but most importantly, the why.

  • Integrating existing insurance in any organization is essential to avoiding unforeseen tax minefields.
  • Objectively understanding risk in all insurance strategies, particularly those involving finance, is an area in which I have extensive experience.

Advanced &
Executive Retirement

I am a recognized national expert on Individual Pension Plans (IPP), Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCA), and Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs).

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Trevor believes in the bootstrap theory of society: no one is going to do it for you, so you’d better do it yourself.