The client cannot know what a tax
specialist knows, just like I cannot
know what a brain surgeon knows.

Video of happy client Richard Burjoski, CIP. The title reads “Highest level of trust.” Click the image to watch the video on YouTube.

How we helped

“Trevor Parry knows everything about Canadian tax law.  Because of the depth and breadth and complexity of the tax system in Canada, you need to have someone like Trevor.  Otherwise, you’re just going to make mistakes.”

  • Richard Burjoski, CIP

How Irek helped

“I received my black belt in 1993, when I won the North American championship in New York.  Training the body, training the mind, perseverance, dedication, punctuality.  It is almost like training the warrior, the soldier.  Whatever we do here, Trevor implements in his life.”

  • Irek Tuniewicz
Video of Trevor Parry’s Sensei, Irek Tuniewicz. Title reads “Training the warrior.” Click the image to watch the video on YouTube.