Life is not a series of greys.
There is right and wrong.

Core purpose – Why I do what I do

To provide my family with financial security and a traditional role model, by protecting the fruit of our clients’ labours and fighting the socialist onslaught.

Vision – Where I am going

An insurance industry with fiduciary standards, and a country of ethics, beliefs and hard work – not a vacillating mega-state.

Mission – What I do every day to get there

Celebrate exceptionalism in business by creating the industry’s most innovative tax minimization strategies, and speak out about my beliefs.

Position – How I am different

An encyclopedic knowledge of tax and an unmatched determination that you will pay less of it.


What I believe; my principles

  • Conservatism
  • Honour
  • Love of intellectual process
  • Hard work
  • Gravitas
  • Learning
  • History
  • Time is precious


My voice; how I act and look

  • Frustrated by the amount of taxes you pay
  • Meticulous
  • Compassionate
  • Great sense of humour
  • Formally spoken with attire to match


Although I am not obligated as a fiduciary, I am acting as one.

Taxation is an assault on property.

Other than in time of war, the state taking more than 50% of what you make is morally indefensible.

The sweat of your brow should be yours.

Leviathan must be stopped, and the best way to do that is to starve it.

Our industry needs a regulatory enema like nothing else.

We live in a quagmire of moral relativism.

Exceptionalism in business should be celebrated. We celebrate mediocrity and punish endeavour in this country.

Canada’s strongest suit used to be stoicism and hard work and not complaining, which is quite the
opposite of what we have now.

Life is not a series of greys. There is right and wrong.

The client cannot know what a tax specialist knows, just like I cannot know what a brain surgeon knows.

I am not opposed to the government having a very important role, but it has gone too far.

Some advisors hide behind intentional opaqueness because the money in insurance is huge.

I am not a field marshal. I am a sergeant. I will go into battle.

“The battle is won before it is ever fought.” Sun Tzu

“L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace.” Napoleon Bonaparte

This is not a job. It’s a calling.